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Peanut Brittle

Sweet, nutty, Peanut Brittle with undertones of a Nutty 555. The toasty aroma and rich sweet body is sure to win over even the most discriminating of critics.

All in Favor

Pistachio Butterscotch

This irrestistible taste of Pistachio, creamy Butterscotch and Burly Leaf dipped in melted Brown Sugar is a flavor everyone will agree upon.


Blackberry Vanilla Brandy

Rich aromatic Perique and Turkish Blended Leaf, cured and steeped with both Vanilla and Blackberry Brandy. This is the perfect accompaniment to any celebratory toast.


Apple Pie Moonshine

Bright and vibrant Moonshine infused with the rich taste of Apple Pie, paired with a Caramelized flavored Virginia Gold Leaf. Work is over; it’s time to unwind.